Artificial Intelligence enhanced evidence-based medical protocols automation

Mindify is a software which provides secure and easy to use evidence-based medical protocols, so physicians can easily learn how and when to use the newest medical techniques available to diagnose and treat diseases.

These features ease procedures and help physicians to consider diseases that are not part of their routine, including rare ones. Once they got a suspicious diagnosis they can refer the patient to a specialist by telemedicine or for a personal attendance. In both cases, Mindify can share patients’ data to foster better, faster and cheaper diagnoses and treatments.

By its protocol’s Mindify coach physicians and validate the clinical data they generate using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This enables the hospital's technical managers to manage their medical team routine protocols execution and, soon, this valuable HIPAA compliant real-world clinical data may be used to foster drugs, AI and scientific R&D.

AI for UI, UX and Data Quality

Mindify uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance UI (User Interface) so physicians can have a great UX (User Experience). Also, AI is used to validate their daily routine clinical data. In addition, Mindify can easily be integrated with any EHR (Electronic Health Record System).

​The first clinical protocol’s marketplace based on AI


Collect robust real-world clinical big data and make it save lives.


Manage the world's largest automatized healthcare protocol’s collection until 2020.

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