• Hard clinical routines is a choice.

    Hard clinical routines is a choice.

    Mindify reduces clinical bureaucracy by enhancing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) aided Web forms.

Evidence-based medical protocols, simple to use and data-friendly

​Mindify automatizes any medical protocols into specially designed Web forms so they can be easier to apply and can provide real-time feedback for medical teams. Standard clinical and cost-effective decisions are now possible on a large scale, while STRUCTURED real-world clinical data is collected for management and R&D.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) improves Web forms' behaviors, so User Interfaces (UI) completely changes according to each physician's specific needs to address each case. Meaning that any physician or another medical team member can have, by far, the best  User Experience (UX) to generate real-world clinical data and to get clinical decision support thru AI. 

Medical protocols are Mindify's core. Protocols setup are assisted by a robot that does all the coding automatically, so any physician, Healthcare provider, hospital, and medical association can have their own protocols. This is a collaborative strategy that makes it possible to deliver affordable and yet highly adherent software to each physician's real-world needs.


Physicians need support

We believe that physicians are key for the next breakthroughs in Medicine, including holding back worldwide Healthcare costs. Yet, their full potential will not happen unless clinical routines become easier and safer so they can focus on what they were trained to do: care for the patients.

Using software should be the solution to ease routines and gather the necessary robust clinical data, but they are not. In fact, many surveys conclude that most physicians' time is lost in software-related bureaucracy undermining clinical routines and leading to stress.

Less bureaucracy and more clinical support are key to improve Medicine worldwide.

Full integration

Mindify provides a standard User Interface (UI) that delivers a singular clinical User eXperience (UX); better decisions and robust data rises. EMRs can also access this data thru an API (Application-programming Interface) integration to keep its administrative procedures and offer new data-related features.

How it works?

Simplicity is the goal, so Mindify's behaves like different software for each clinical need, so the User Interface has a perfect fit with real-world needs. Then, analyzing the inputted structured data, other AI technics may suggest diagnosis hypotheses and what are and how to use the protocols to confirm the diagnoses and to treat the diseases.

  • Resume long clinical cases automatically to ease review
  • Data inputs are mainly click-based, so it is structured and easily imputed
  • Clinical data can be validated providing real-time feedback
  • Provides diagnosis hypothesis, even for rare diseases
  • Web forms automatically change to each physicians needs 
  • Decision trees assist in medical education
  • Servers are in renowned high-availability cloud services
  • Works in any idiom, including Japanese
  • Works in mobile devices or computers
  • Local physicians can input their own protocols for the best user fit
  • Can exchange data to EMRs thru API
  • Development in going under HIPAA and GDPR regulations
  • Affordable, there is no license fee, only a setup fee plus a SaaS fee per user

Structured clinical data is key

Without robust real-world clinical data, it is impossible to enable proper management and foster innovations. For instance, the most powerful IA technics and management tools need robust data to thrive. The problem is that, even among computerized hospitals, robust structured clinical data is not usual. So that Medicine can benefit from today's software, we had to reinvent how clinical data is collected.

Corporate awards

  • Prize from 100 Open Startups for impact on the healthcare at 2020
  • Bayer's Pharmaceutical 2020 innovation award aimed in smart diagnosis
  • Innovation award from NTT Data, the 4th world-bigger IT provider for Healthcare
  • Innovation award from Unimed-BH one of the top Brazilian Healthcare providers
  • Roche's Pharmaceutical 2018 innovation award aimed in real-word clinical data collection
  • ANBIOTEC innovation award for the best startup from 2019 Brazilian Hospitalar Fair
  • SEBRAE "Like a Doctor" innovation award for best 2019 Brazilian Healthcare startup

Governamental awards

  • Two grants and one innovation award from FINEP
  • Innovation award from the Brazilian Ministry of Sports
  • Two grants by CNPq (National Council for Brazilian Scientific and Technological Development)
  • Tree grants by FAPEG (Goiás State Research Federation)
  • Grant from the United Kingdom by it's Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)

Many trust Mindify

Hospitals, industries and ecosystem agents, already recognize Mindify uniquiness.

Our Vision

Always keep our focus so we can manage the world's largest automatized healthcare protocol's collection until 2022.

Our Mission

Collect robust real-world clinical big data and make it save lives.

Our Values

Boldness, passion and commitment to do what needs to be done.

Our Strategy

Innovate, listen to learn and innovate more.

Our Strength

Proprietary deep-tech software and a great mindifiers team.

Mindify has a purpose

Mindify enables clinical standardization, which is critical for reducing medical costs and also eases physicians' routines so they can generate the robust real-world clinical data needed to change the world's Healthcare for good.